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Thursday, November 15, 2007

[Thanksgiving is the balm]

Next week is Thanksgiving and I have to admit, it kind of snuck up on me. I am looking forward to all the staples of going home to my mom's: sitting around, laying around, sleeping, watching terrible movies, long walks (that one kind of came out of nowhere, didn't it?), eating delicious treats, imbibing and all the general laziness that usually ensues when my brother and I get together. Oh, which reminds me, I am also looking forward to seeing my family ... that slays me every time.

When we first lived in the dorms, Jeff and I were looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving much the same way I am now and we were sitting around with Mandy talking about it. I wrote down the conversation, for posterity:

Jeff: I can't wait for Thanksgiving!
Alicia: I know, turkey!
Jeff: And pie!
Alicia: And stuffing!
Mandy: Yeah, and family!

{awkward, ashamed silence}

Also, has anyone else noticed how there's an American holiday for every one of the deadly sins? I'll prove it:

Lust – Valentine's Day
Gluttony – Thanksgiving
Greed – Christmas
Sloth – Any federal holiday that students get off but don't know why
Pride – Birthdays
Wrath – Halloween (horror movies sustain this theory)

The only one I can't pin down is Envy. I suppose Christmas and Birthdays are good for that, because of all the stuff you want. St. Patrick’s Day has been suggested, simply because of all the green, as have Cinco de Mayo (because we wish we had it) and Hannakuh (Because they might wish they had Christmas). But I could never settle.

As for the Holidays + Deadly Sins = Holy Awesome! the trajectory seems to have gone 1.) flee religious persecution 2.) burn witches at the stake in name of religion 3.) set up greeting card companies 4.) indulge worst impulses. Nice! Makes me want to read Motley Crue's autobiography again and then set off some fireworks.

[Hedonism: Past, Present and Future!]

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