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Thursday, June 28, 2007

[I'm having the time of my life]

Things I like today, often accompanied by totally unnecessary explanations:

Walnuts. I cannot get enough of walnuts! I have been eating them like they are ranch dressing lately. Yeah, just cups of the stuff, on anything and with anything.

Mimi Smartypants. Is it just me, or does she just keep getting better and better? I was worried that by reading her book I would know her too well, all the chemistry would be gone and I would tire of her antics. Not so! The honeymoon will never be over.


Tim Fite. Download the whole album, sick back, be totally amazed. Easy peasy, portugese.

Talk of the Nation's Political Junkie. Hero, not zero.

Things that make me want to poke out my eyes:

The CIA. You think that just because they released these documents now it means they aren't still doing this shit? Pitiful.

Body fat.

The amount of money I spend on, basically, nothing. What the devil? You're telling me I don't even have a quarter until Friday?

Ann Coulter. SHUT. THE. HELL. UP.

People who don't like it when people use inappropriate periods. Eff. You.

[Put that in your pipe and smoke it, eh?]

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