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Friday, October 13, 2006

[Not out causing a ruckus, which sucks]

The most annoying thing about getting up every morning right now is the fact that I have to go upstairs to use the shower in the bathroom of the one-bedroom apartment I'd rather forget about. It really shouldn't be that big of a deal, you'd think, but it's pretty simple: I don't like to leave the Manor anymore. I just don't. I would hang out here every night and every day if I could. Unfortunately I only get a couple hours in the afternoon and sleep, but still. I blame it not on work, but on the shower situation.

One thing I will say, though - looking for jobs really sucks ass. I forgot how much it sucked, in fact. The big problem here is not that I'm looking for another average waitressing job, but that I'm hoping to become a Real Life Journalism (TM). That means that every time I send out a resume, every time I type up a cover letter, I'm nervous as shit. I make stupid mistakes and clumsily mispronounce names over the phone. The thing is, I really want these jobs! There's really something at stake here, besides a shorter supply of unnecessary disposable income (you know, the stuff beyond rent). I'm interested in what they do! I care about my appearance! It's all very confusing, to tell the truth.

For example, I got a call from a friend of mine telling me that the Chicago Journal was looking for someone to fill a position for 3 months there, and I jumped at the chance. I wrote everything I was going to say to the lady down on a napkin, put it on my bedside table, and went to sleep.

I suppose the first thing I did wrong the next day was decide to make the call downtown, so as not to waste a single minute. I couldn't find a building where I wasn't bothering anyone by talking on the cell phone, and then I couldn't find a building where I could get reception. I finally made the call from the DePaul Center on State and Van Buren, while eating a piece of pizza from Sabarro (or as I call it Bizarro (no good reason)). Then, I didn't take into account the fact that I was hoarse from a good night of drinking. On I plunged anyway, and made perhaps the most embarrassing phone call I've ever made in my entire life.

It all started to go downhill when I called Jeff Danna my "colleague" and then explained that we had worked together, and then it just got worse. At some point I got stuck in a loop and kept saying the same sentence over and over in slightly different ways. I must have said it about 3 times. Then I offered her my phone number, but couldn't figure out a way to finish the tragic phone call. I couldn't pull the trigger. So I got stuck in that sentence about my interest one last time and hung up.

It's awful.

"In order to live, in order to justify living, we can't just fill up the space of our lives with empty amusement, with pointless light and sound and words - we're going to have to try harder now." - Al Burian

[Big Losers 'R' Us]

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