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Monday, July 17, 2006

[Nice job...well, for you, anyway]

So, I went home for the 4th of July (and surrounding days) and it was a blast. Except for a couple of things that I felt it necessary to post on because, a.) I barely have had a spare minute all summer to post a damn post as it is, and b.) the stories are really out of control.

First of all, there's a tremor in the force. It's the birds. I don't know if anyone else has any stories - if you do please share - but I have noticed nothing but really, really, really, REALLY strange things to do with birds within the last week. It all started with my roommate Jeff, who told me that there was a bird where he works on Navy Pier that was running into his and his co-workers heads. While it would suck if it happened to me, at the time I thought it was funny. Oh - but what did I know! Ten minutes after I heard, a bird landed less than 2 inches from me on the bench I was sitting on. After that, it only got worse. In the order that they happened, here are the horrific bird incidents of the past few days:

1.) Bird in Jeff's head.
2.) Bird next to me on bench.
3.) Bird poops on my arm while I'm eating dinner on Mom's deck
4.) Bird found dead (by me) on grandparent's back porch
5.) Bird flies into window at Mom's house
6.) Bird comes into grandma's house at midnight, via a net, via my cousin, via his apparent mental disability, or something.

So, yeah. Watch the birds, they are planning something big, I think. Other than that, I wanted to share the fact that, while I had nothing but fun while home for the holiday and visiting my grandpa who recently won a fight with cancer, I did get really beat up. Not by a person - oh, no, then there would be rhyme or reason, I'm sure. Nope, it was due to clumsiness, drunkenness, other parties involvement and my own meandering existence. I have decided to also list my injuries over the 5 day stay, as I found the bird list to be quite fun.

1.) I fell in the shower. Yes, much like an old, old lady, I got out of the shower and didn't realize the floor was still wet. I took a tumble for the ages, and hit the back of my head directly on the corner of the counter top. I have a big, ugly bruise on my upper arm and a horrific swelling+bruise on my neck and behind my ear. gross, really.
2.) I punched my leg through a dock. My brother thought he'd be helping everyone if he fully punched through, thus breaking, the broken board on the dock in front of my grandparent's house. Well, he may have helped everyone else, but punching the dock in the late afternoon led to me going to meet them at the end of the dock later in the evening when it was dark and landing literally right through it. Thank goodness I wasn't flailing like I usually am, or running or laughing so hard that I was off balance, because I fell right through and managed to get out with only (ONLY) a 6 inch bruise on my left knee.
3.) I got an enormous sliver on the bottom of my foot. While this isn't the worst, by far, it still sucks because it means I've had to limp around as much as possible the last few days. And it hurts because I'm a huge baby.

That about covers it, but I thought it necessary that I sent some belated "Happy Birthday, America!" wishes to everyone. No more time now, but I'm going to try not to be such a stranger.

[because faces come out of the rain when you're strange]

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