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Monday, May 22, 2006

[Doo, doo, doo looking out my back door]

I walked out the door from work the other day and thought one thing and one thing alone: WTF, mate - what's the deal with the GD weather? Seriously, maybe I'm a ten year old, but I have been nothing but excited for it to be warm all the time. I'm the kind of twat who will wait until it's really, really, warm to start doing all my summer shit and I'm sick and tired of this tempermental cold nonsense. Rain! Rain all you like, Mother Nature! But, pretty please, can it at least be warm rain that is fun to ride my bike in??

Other than that, I am truly sorry for not updating more often. And by more often I mean at all, really, in the last two weeks or so. I graduated and realized, almost immediately, how much I had taken for granted having an office space and a personal computer at my disposal at all times. My computer, unfortunately, is woefully virus-ridden so I write to you now from my kind roommate Jeff's laptop in what I think is a really awesome coffee shop I will now start frequenting, called The Fixx.

Of course, now I have to bid adieu, because I can't stay on this thing any longer. I'm just a big blog-tease, until I get my precious laptop. I promise, I can't let you down forever.

[No, YOU'RE crazy]

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