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Thursday, May 04, 2006

[Bound to feel it]

Well, now, I have had quite a damn week. A little bit out of control and way too much beer, but I gotta say, I'm still in high spirits. How can I not be when I know that next week on Wednesday I'll be done with school! Done. With. School. How damn exciting is that? I have been in school for my entire life. I've never known a fall when I wasn't starting some kind of schooling. I feel so liberated that - if I really wanted to - I could go live in a van! Hell, I could be a hobo, if I really set my mind to it.

In other news, this morning I woke up a little later than usual and was just dilly-dallying around the house when my roommate came in from outside and said, "Haven't you noticed what's going on outside?"

"Why no," says I. "No I hadn't.

Lo and behold, at least two fire trucks, police cars and emergency vehicles were blocking off my street because the house just three down from us was burning. By the time I got there the thing was a burnt-out crispy shell. The whole situation failed to make any real impression on me, except for two things which I will impart now:

1.) Though no humans were in the house at the time, a dog died in the blaze. That sincerely made me well up, and I'm not even a dog person. Well, I mean, I'm not a dog person until I see that some jackass locked their dog in the car, or left it at home by itself to die in a fire. I know it's probably not their fault, but it just seemed so sad.

2.) I can actually sleep through anything. Anything at all. I mean, I'm talking no less than six screaming sirens ending up on my tiny streets and stopping directly in front of my door, hosing out a blazing fire, and I don't stir a bit. The only thing I thought later was, "oh, so that's what that burnt smell was." What a nerd.

So, bear with me for the next few days, because I am finishing up with finals, etc.etc. and probably won't be updating much. But then I'm going to get a new computer, so perhaps I'll be updating more, whadaya say? Then I have to finish my new zine.

Speaking of zines, you should come to Mojo's coffee shop on Saturday night and watch us local yokels read from our little publications, it'll be glorious. 2849 W. Belmont, probably 7 or 8. It won't last long, but it'll be sweet, to be sure.

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