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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

[I can't do anything today, there are birds dying out there!]

I am elated and thought I would share: I found out today that my feature story on bathroom graffiti in Punk Planet is now on the stands! Yay!

Also, my sister was here last night and we had lots of fun until I sort of ruined it a tiny bit by freaking out for no reason. I'll make it up to her. Tonight my mom is coming to stay for a couple days, and that will be fun because she says things like "Boy, Roy, Chip-a-hoy!" and "Oh, Cry-eye!" We call them Margieisms. My brother and I are compiling a book, which I expect you to read and fully enjoy in 10 to 20 years.

I'm going to go to Tower and look at a copy of Punk Planet. I will leave you with a quote from Hunter, which he said the other night when I offered to get a round of drinks:

"No, I'll get it. It's my turn on the ferris wheel of alcoholism."


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