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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Useless fact: I often pronounce things wrong because I read them, and then sound them out as best I can. English rules (i before e except all those times when that rule doesn't work, etc.) confuse me greatly in this way, but later when I realize that I have been pronouncing words wrong forever it doesn't usually bother me. This contributes greatly to an idiosyncrasy, namely that I sound out a word as it looks to me and pronounce it that way forever, much to others' chagrin. Examples: "Rod Blagg-OH-yev-itch"; "Those religious An-jel-i-cans" (for Anglicans); "Mike Roy-k-yo."

I am in the process of midterms, barely making it through my last few months' worth of senioritis before graduation and making it out of bed every morning now that I have a new comforter and comfy sheets. It's almost impossible, so I attribute all of this to my lack of posts. They will come, though. They always do.

Also, If you have any inkling why random people don't like me in totally different situations and parts of my life, please send me a note via carrier pigeon (or whatever mode of communication makes you giggle like that one does me). I have been going through some growing pains about it lately, but I'm not going to talk your ear off about it. Suffice to say I have to get comfortable with myself and the idea that everyone isn't going to like me and that is [gasp!] okay. This has so far resulted in two things: 1.) A healthier sense of who I am becoming and B.) the first growth of my wisdom teeth! I'm growing wisdom!

This deserves a new paragraph. Are ya serious? I'm teething, like a little baby. How weird is that? I keep trying to pitch food back to the newcomer, testing it out to see how it helps but the damn things as useless as an appendix (Sorry, I went to that new Evolving Planet exhibit at the Field Museum today.) Then again, it's pretty fascinating that I am actually teething. It is not, however, fascinating that I am most likely going to have painful and bloody surgery. Ah, we can't win them all.

[I think I might get another tattoo, more on that later]

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