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Friday, December 03, 2004


Little known Chicago fact: Streeterville is a neighborhood of Chicago along the Shoreline best known for its proximity to Navy Pier and the towering condos that celebrities and dignitaries live in. You know, the rich area all along Lake Shore Drive up to Michigan Ave.

Streeterville was started by a man who didn't like Chicago's rules and so he told everyone to bring their garbage to the shoreline and he named the resulting island Streeterville. Chicago officials did not take kindly to this man standing on 2 miles of garbage and calling himself "Mayor of Streeterville", so they got rid of him and made the garbage heap their new shoreline. It is marked on the south by the reversed (due to filth) Chicago river and on the north by the unmarked graves under North Beach that used to comprise the city cemetary.

This is an amazing illustration of entrepreurship and the shit that rich people build their fancy houses and lives upon.

More later.

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