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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

[Don't mug yourself*]

A new day another morning after
Leaning back in my chair in a greasy spoon cafeteria
Last night was some beer larynous done our way
but again we're back in the light of day.
Get my phone out, about to give this boy a shout
Ask him if he had a nice time last night uptown
Ask him if he fancies doing it again sometime
But then Man grabs the phone like - oioioioi -

Hold it down, your head's getting blurred
I know you can't stop thinking of him
By all means you can vibe with this boy
Just don't mug yourself, don't mug yourself

And I'm like - No, no - coz I mean, I'm fuckin, it isn't that... d'you know what I mean?
I can take it or leave it, believe, then Man's like -

You need to hold it down, Jack, put your phone back
Quit staring into space and eat your snack, and that's that.
He'll want you much more for not hanging on
Stop me if I'm wrong, stop me if I'm wrong -

Why should he be the one who decides whether it's off or on or on or off or on?

Now, the boy's rude, we know he's rude
But he's screwed right through you, you'll be on your knees soon.

And I'm like, honestly, it's not like that
You're acting like I'm prancing like a sap jumping when he claps and that.
Do you really think I act whack?  Coz I'm telling you
I'm serving the aces and its game-set-match.
Perfectly in control of this goal,
I got the lead role, won't be fooled, I'm older than you're told.
The boy's sold.
High speed to gold, game over, game over
Too cold.



*Some lyrics and genders have been changed to better serve me

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