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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

[girls like me should wear a warning]

I am actually sorry that I have neglected my blog for so long. For the past couple of weeks I have been working on my zine, a tangible piece of my life's history that requires a lot more self-editing than blogging. But that's why I regret not updating - my blog is a much more sincere reflection of my every day insanity than my zine, which is more calculated by nature. Don't get the impression that I don't love my zine, however. It's still my favorite product.

Summer is in full-swing, and it is rather glorious and tempting all the time. Interesting new characters have been introduced, and old ones have come back to shake things up a bit. I've mostly been hanging out on the deck with Jeff and drinking copious amounts of alcohol. Also watching Al Pacino movies. This month we watched The Godfather, Dog Day Afternoon, Scarface and the Devil's Advocate. We'll be starting on De Niro movies next. I'm getting an education.

I also just got back from the Allied Media Conference in Bowling Green, the most energizing three days of my year. There was, among other things: laughter, networking, reading, listening, learning, partying. It was very good.

When I got back I wrote down my feelings about the weekend and what I would do with it in the best way I could.

A List of Things To Do Tomorrow

1. Start a clothing line
2. Draw a picture
3. Run and stretch
4. Overcome a cranky mood
5. Eat delicious things that I cooked
6. Bind my zine with dental floss
7. Make an instrument
8. Ride my bike
9. Go swimming with all of my clothes on
10. Not think about sex for one damn minute
11. End up having really great sex
12. Collage art, guerilla-style
13. Buy something outrageously expensive
14. Give of myself
15. Bite down hard on more than I can chew
16. Get that damn tattoo!
17. Not watch TV
18. Courageously eliminate my virus-infused hard drive and start from scratch
19. Get a new job
20. Quit an old one
21. Cry and laugh, of course
22. Get rowdy
23. Make something better
24. Effectively put into words how I feel right now
25. Take photos and make films so that later I'll be reminded about all the singularly important things that go on every moment of every day

So I haven't exactly figured out how to put into words how I feel right now, as you can see by #24, but I feel that the list helps a bit to narrow things down.

[I want to breathe different air every moment]

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