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Thursday, May 06, 2004

[The guy in the front row thought he was in "Our Town"]

Well, I moved into a whole new space here, huh? It's all getting more sophisticated and complex. Or at least you think it is until you try the sections above. Have patience, I'm working on it.

In the meantime, I'm pulling out my hair over life in general. In general? That means I'm earning my summer this year. I had better be, too, because I am currently juggling three main ideas:

1.) Improv
2.) French
3.) Cali

Each of these costs a pretty penny for a girl with holes in the bottom of her pockets, but I'm getting over that real fast. I thought my in-depth, 12-page paper was due on May 26th, only to find that its due in more like 72 hours, give or take a stroke.

But not a heart attack, because I am still a busy bee, must have the right perfume on me. Too bad for them, I'm out of commission for the next two weekends—Mom and Brother in town this, wedding out of town next.

Life just keeps on moving, and I don't mind you watching it fly by.

p.s. Gimme a break on the links, will ya? They'll be really cool once I figure them out, worth it, indeed.

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