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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Ok, so, random life is in progress. I am currently looking out my window to a white abyss, foiling all honest plans of getting out of my pajamas (yeah, right) and doing something about the day. Instead I'm doing homework and listening to my new CDs (Outkast and O.A.R).

So I was going to pontificate about things I learned this past year, what with all the calendar turning and whathaveyou, but then two things happened.

1.) I looked out the window to a snowy world and remembered that I love Shaun White and the X Games are going to be on this next week and,

2.) I was informed, much to my shock and even dismay, that Miss Britney Spears GOT F*ING MARRIED THIS WEEKEND! That's right, folks, read it and weep. Or, more appropriately, read it and laugh until you cry and have to hold your stomach from the pain. I'll wait.

Seriously...... What the devil! It's entirely possible that this country's darling little pop princess is certifiably insane. I don't understand it. She's already talked crazy or too much in every magazine from Esquire to Teen, and she leaves me with one simple question. What does she want from us?

She had quite a time while alienating fans during her one year "sebatacle", another word, apparently, for a 6 month drinking binge. She snaps at reporters and fans, and then turns around and surprises everyone by performing at a smaller club just to get the feeling for how fans like her new music. She's everything and nothing.

So what's going on? What's the catch? Who keeps telling her to do these crazy things, like get married on a whim for just a weekend? At least when Madonna was out there being shocking there seemed to be a point. And I'm sitting here wondering now if maybe she doesn't have a point at all. She's just a girl from bodunk Louisiana with some baggage. Which is fine, but awfully disappointing.

In any case, I'm tired of wasting lines on it. Do what you want, crazy girl. Beach ova.

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