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Monday, January 05, 2004

"I'm close to spectacular, and fantastically well"

Coming back to Chicago after being in Michigan is always one of the most liberating experiences. I enjoy my time at my mom's, always, and this holiday break was no different. It was about a week and a half of friends I don't get to see enough, laughing with my family (for instance: my mom holding "the baby jesus"), rest, driving a car, grandma and grandpa... on and on. However, I know things are changing. I certainly am, but my life is, in fact, visibly changing. This is best illustrated when I call Chicago home without realizing it.

But it's mostly good to be home because it's like a time-out. A suspension of reality that makes me appreciate it all that much more when I get back. This break I realized something about myself by what I missed most about Chicago. I missed the dancing. And so I come to my point, only about a paragraph too late. So I'll start a new one.

I've learned to dance.

There I go. Dancing. That's beautiful, simply. I never really danced as much as this past fall. We go out to parties and we don't waste that time anymore. We don't just sit there. We don't just stand there. We dance. Dress up.

Moving the legs to connect with the ground. Hands to touch the air. Shaking hips, shrugging shoulders. Touching other legs, slipping arms around waists, sexual electric energy, young, smiling, sticky sweet sweat, open facial expressions, important.

And that's what I guess I've learned the most about it. It's important, extremely, to dance. It's important to wake up and be sore in the stomach, the groin, the thighs, the triceps, face hurting from smiling. Going out and dancing teaches me about music, about the other people in the room, about all these tiny muscles in my body that make me so alive. These things are probably the most important thing, the most important metaphor for college here, or youth, or life, or whatever that I learned this past fall. And I'm so glad.

"Open your eyes, spectacular's right in front of you"

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