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Sunday, November 09, 2003

"I'm so happy, Britney mania is back!" - my roommate Rose, confirmed Britney Spears addict.

She's right. I can't escape it. Rose has bought every magazine that Britney is on the cover of, and we have read every article, and Britney has sounded ridiculous in every one.

It gets me to thinking. What doesn't get me to thinking, by the way? I was thinking, about pop icons, and fashion, and what it's all about. We need things to worship. I know this. We also need leaders, and magazines know this when they attempt to show Britney as a role model for a generation. All generations, actually.

But I get a little worried, sometimes, when I get to thinking, and I'm starting to think about Ayn Rand, too, or the fashionable Orwell, or the Importance of O. Wilde. And I get worried, sometimes, when America chooses an action hero for an important political office. I know that we're looking for leaders, but how far will it go? Who will pay the price? Britney's generation? Will Britney's millions support the baby-boomers when they start to outstretch their palms for security?

But that's not the kind of leaders we usually choose. The lines are blurred. And blurry lines are chosen every day. Because if Britney is on the cover of a magazine, Rose will buy it and feel more like herself. But if a magazine is on our coffee table, I will read it. That shows where loyalties lie, and shows what we can and cannot escape. Because Britneymania may not make me feel more like myself, it may not give me a fashion to follow, it may be giving others a reason to live; but for my part, I'm a part of it. It's what we follow. It's what we're interested in. And that follows.

Millions of voters will prove that if Britney ever runs for political office. And Ayn Rand will prove a Bible if Schwarzenagger can't keep it together. And we'll all prove something, about ourselves, every day by what goes in our eyes and ears and later comes out of our mouths. We'll get in the zone, and kiss girls on stage, and wear bras on the outside, and VonDutch hats, and we're never gonna wonder why that won't save us, and we're always going to expect a hero. Maybe it's just in our nature. Predator.

Or maybe, I'm just really excited that Britneymania is back, too.

Ya think?

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