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Monday, October 13, 2003

Here in Chicago, it smells like fall. Even though the ladybugs seem to have some confusion as to where their proper place is, I know by a simple touch of the nose - it's fall.

For me, Alicia Dorr, your humble narrator to this random life currently in progress, fall means back to school. I study journalism and general social interaction in elevators and hallways at Columbia College in downtown Chitown. I love everything about Columbia. Except the financial aid department, which somehow encourages both capitalism and fascism in their ugliest forms. Touche.

19-year-old babies like me have hobbies. But before playing I must work. This I do as a hostess at Reza's, the middle eastern restaurant on W. Ontario. Here one (being me, or you, if you come) (me, being there 25 hours a week) encounters a myriad of people - my Iranian boss and managers, servers from around the world, snooty river north residents, Indian (dot) families, and lots of Asians. Sometimes there are veggies and artists, but of those types who has enough money for fine dining really? I'll bring the falafel home to you. I get it free.

My other time is devoted to my beloved Zine Guide, an underground publication where I reign as associate editor. At the ZG office I review zines (independently published works of writing or art, generally out of pocket and distributed by the creator) all day long. We also talk about Bush a lot. And philosophy. Check out the site at www.zineguide.net. If you do this, go to Zines of the Week, where you will see some samples of my reviewing some amazing publications, including info so you can get them yourself and open your mind.

ZG has afforded me several other amazing things, which I just generally put under the category of "my internship". I: organize events and shows for zinesters and other underground artists such as readings, music fun, and conferences to raise awareness or generally encourage discussion. I: eat collard greens which Brent cooks for me. I: started my own personal zine, Random Life in Progress, which I distribute at shows and send out to anyone who wants (email me adorr@beer.com if you're interested). This is just my creative outlet for writing, politics, personal experiences, interesting games and facts, poetry, and The Like. I: learned HTML. Yay! I: interview my favorite bands for our other publication, Tail Spins.

Ah, my spare time. There* it is. I go to my home off the Addison red line stop, traveling through Wrigleyville (GO CUBS!!! WOOOO!!!) to Boystown, where I live above a gay bar that rules. I live with two lovely ladies, Miss Mandy and Miss Rose, who are both kickass individuals who don't fight about dumb things. Most of the time we only have beer in our fridge. We go to parties, IHOP, I tool around town, do homework, watch movies late at night, talk about philosophy until dawn. These are a few of my favorite things.

Ideally I would love to afford a lifestyle where I have the time and money to experience all I can, but for now I am working my ass off toward that end. I want to travel, start a revolution, read everything ever, write, sing, laugh, fuck, learn, teach, swim, and dance. I'm no good at dancing. Maybe we could teach each other.

Rock & Love (of course),


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